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Abby Johnson is one of the youngest Planned Parenthood clinic directors in the United States. She has worked at a clinic in Texas for eight years, and has become a community outreach director and media spokeswoman for the organization, even winning the Planned Parenthood Employee of the Year Award. One day she is asked to assist in an ultrasound-guided abortion at thirteen weeks gestation. It is then that she witnesses a baby struggling for its life even as it is dismembered by an abortionist’s tool. She resigns, becoming a anti-abortion activist, founding a ministry to assist former Planned Parenthood employees turned anti-abortion after their own experiences.


Ashley Bratcher as Abby Johnson

Brooks Ryan as Doug

Robia Scott as Cheryl

Jared Lotz as Shawn

Emma Elle Roberts as Marilisa

Robin DeMarco as Kathleen

Robert Thomason as Mike

Storyline Credit: Wikipedia

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